Summer of Love by Carly Phillips

Re-Published: July 7, 2020

This book was just as cute as the first but I definitely liked it more. Zoe was such a free spirit who went with the flow even though she knew that she needed to create some more structure for herself. Especially after starting her own business. Then Ryan shows up and claims to be Sam’s uncle. She doesn’t know what to do with that information besides protecting the teenager who is in her parent’s home. So she sets up a way for Ryan to get to know Sam without revealing that she has had family in the world this whole time. Of course in true crazy Greek family fashion, nothing ever happens as they are supposed to and Ryan is outed as Sam’s uncle before Zoe can come up with a good plan. But it comes at a fortuitous time since someone is after Sam or something she has and no one knows why. So Ryan and Zoe must take her to Boston to protect her and to meet her biological family.

This book had more intrigue in it than the first one. We didn’t know who was after Sam and we didn’t know what they wanted. Then the puzzle pieces started falling in place and soon Zoe had to break the news to the person she was falling in love with. So no only did it have a mystery but this book also had a reluctant heroine thrown into the midst. She didn’t believe she was ever meant for love so when she meets Ryan she doesn’t expect it. Which of course makes the journey to her figure out she can’t live without him both predictable and sweet. Again, I did enjoy this one and I think it was definitely worth my time to read. I also received a free copy of the book for an honest review.

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