Lothaire by Kresley Cole

Published: Janauary 10, 2012

As many of you reading this know, I’ve been working my way through the Immortals After Dark series and I finally made it to Lothaire. Now this book is a bit longer than the others so it definitely too me longer to get through but I also haven’t been listening to audiobooks at work and that’s really where the time cut has come in. Now Lothaire is the epitome of the bad guy that you just love to hate. I mean he is a real asshole to Elizabeth for the majority of the book yet she still forgave him. Thankfully it wasn’t a totally cliché forgiveness because man was he terrible to her. The vampire changed her from a human to a vampire without her consent! Not cool. But if you can get past the terrible Lothaire the storyline is really gripping. We (of course) learn more about his life but also a bit more about Nïx who has been the crazy enigma up until now. Who we don’t really see in this one are any of our previous favorite characters. They are mentioned but don’t play a huge role outside of being a threat to his bride.

Honestly, I really liked Ellie as a heroine. Though the country bumpkin speech patterns took some getting used to that didn’t detract from the story. I loved how strong a female she was and how determined she was to make a life for herself even without Lothaire in it. She walked away from a damaged relationship and that helped her and him grow. Which was possibly the best twist of the book. Also, we get to see and learn more about the Dacians who are considered a myth even to the Lore. But they should know by now that nothing is ever a true myth.

—-“My family knows what we are, but they don’t tell secrets to outsiders—believe me. The other miners think you’re … the Mothman.” / Lothaire rolled his eyes. “Mothman. Really, Elizabeth? Really?” – Ellie to Lothaire—-

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