Steal by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: July 3, 2017

This book was definitely the epitome of second chance romance and was even kind of a hard read in some places. Will is convinced that his new client hasn’t changed and he doesn’t know why he took her on considering their past but he has. This is her last chance in the movie industry since no one wants to work with her. But the way that Will treated Angelica in the beginning was definitely hard to read. Like he was a total jackass! He took away her door because he didn’t trust her not to do drugs. And while his reasons were valid getting to read Angelica’s point of view and how she felt like she deserved all of the animosity was really heart wrenching. Like I just wanted to give her a hug because she was convinced that no one liked her and she knew the movie she was shooting was her last chance in the industry.

What really kind of threw me in this book was meeting Drew. Having read the later books in the series and not the first ones I always thought of Drew as this fun loving rocker. But to see how much of an asshole he was and to hear what he did really made you hate him. Like had I not known that he was redeemable and had basically been redeemed I would have disliked him immensely. As it is I still disliked him in this book. But that was the role that was needed to really solidify Will and Angelica’s relationship again. The book needed a “villain” and that happened to be Drew. But seriously this book will pull on the heart strings for sure. But it was so freaking good. I loved it. Probably my favorite of the series.

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