Abandon by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: August 27, 2019

Why does Rachel Van Dyken do second chance romances so damn well? Seriously this one was so good and it was a novella so she packed a lot of feeling into one short book. We are continuing with the band and now they are working at a music camp for kids that they set up. Ty didn’t really want to be helping out but once he saw that Abagail was also there he knew that he would never be able to work the camp for the summer. Abagail ripped his heart out when he was younger and never looked back. To him that was unforgivable even if they were just barely out of their teens. He didn’t know why she did it and he didn’t care. Only now he has to because in true second chance fashion she has no place to stay due to Will (her manager) not getting her a place to stay. Well, don’t let anyone say that Ty is a total asshole because he lets her stay with him.

Honestly, the way they came together was interesting as well because the feelings between each other were there but they were buried under all the hurt felt on both sides. And they were so young when they got together but broken hearts are very persistent and since Ty never knew why she broke up with him his heard wasn’t going to heal without that knowledge. Abagail’s reasoning was a damn good one too. Which really made the story just that much more heart wrenching once we found out how much the lack of communication hurt them. It also made them getting back together just that much sweeter. I really think that everyone should read this book. Rachel does such a fabulous job with her second chance romances!

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