The Girl Next Door by Emma Hart

Published: July 28, 2020

This book was so cute and hilarious. It was exactly the kind of read that I’ve been needing. It was also a fairly quick read for being slightly longer than Emma’s usual romcoms. This one starts a couple of weeks after the prequel novella lets off and since we all know the premise of the book I’ll say that it starts with Ivy finding out that she is pregnant. And then promptly freaking out about it but she knows she will keep the child even if the father doesn’t. And the father is none other than her neighbor, Kai. But her staunchly Catholic grandmother would be a bit more of a problem. Thus a fake engagement that turns into a fake marriage that turns into a real relationship. But the process is hilarious!

Ivy is just a snarky bitch (not said with any malice) who just becomes snarkier and more sarcastic with pregnancy and not being able to be around the smell of coffee. Kai is already half in love with her just from being her neighbor so he grabs this opportunity with both hands to get her to see that he wants to be with her not just because of the baby. And Grandma Rosie is a spitfire like the rest of the grandmother’s in Emma’s books. It makes me wonder what her grandmother was like. I know my wasn’t half this much fun but she was the sweet grandma who always make sure you had food and cookies. And never met a stranger in her life. I will say that there were several laugh out loud scenes in this book and I was glad that I wasn’t reading it where other people could hear me because there were some scenes that I could not contain my laughter. If you are feeling slightly down lately you should pick up this book. It will definitely cheer you up for a bit.

—“Grandma Rosie wouldn’t know nice if it slapped her ass, bent her over, and painted a bullseye on her back.” -Ivy—

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