Dare to Tempt by Carly Phillips

Published: August 4, 2020

This book was so good. I loved Damon and Evie as a couple and they were just so cute in their fight against their attraction to each other. Evie was convinced that she wasn’t Damon’s type and though Damon didn’t want a relationship he couldn’t help to fall for her charms. Though that was the last thing they should have been doing since Evie was his private investigator to find out who doped him for performance enhancing drugs and got him suspended from his team as the head quarterback. He didn’t take the drugs so he knew that someone intentionally gave them to him. Evie is convince that it is his back up quarterback and though that makes the most sense he looks up to Damon and respects him. He wants his shot on his terms without Damon being taken out of the game. To top it all off, because they are faking a relationship Evie’s psychotic ex-fiance is back in her life. And he is real doozy and basically scum. But he is the type of scum that can pass for upstanding citizen. So the worst kind. I loved seeing Evie be the kick ass woman we expected her to be.

This book was a quick read for me and once the puzzle pieces of the plot line started falling into place it got even quicker. I loved that Evie was such a strong female character that knew she could take care of herself but also accepted (reluctantly) help from Damon and her overbearing brothers. I also loved that Damon was invested in having a real relationship with Evie way before she was. It was surprising not only because it was the male protagonist but also because it occurred fairly early on in the book. So not only were they trying to solve and catch the people in their own lives but Damon was trying to make Evie see that they belonged together. No easy feat for sure. Though I got an ARC for this book I will tell you that you should read it and I couldn’t make this review more honest. Can’t wait for the next one in the series!

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