Wicked Billionaire by Sawyer Bennett

Published: August 4, 2020

Another success for Sawyer Bennett!! All of the Wicked Horse books books are true stand alones and though this one mentions some of the things that happened in the previous book but it doesn’t sway the storyline at all. Declan and Bailey were such great characters even though Declan started out as an ass. But what can you expect from a billionaire who basically expects everyone to serve his every whim. That is until he hires Bailey as his personal assistant and then crosses that line with her. He knows he won’t be able to get enough of her after just once so comes up with a plan that will be mutually beneficial. Until feelings start getting involved. Feelings ruin everything for sure.

This book moved at a good clip but at the same time the twists were interesting. They were fairly expected by me but they were done in a unique way that didn’t make this book just another prince and the pauper romance. Bailey has a will of steel and that made her such an interesting character. She didn’t accept being fired and when she couldn’t handle the deception she decided she was done. Not the other way around. And then the fall out from that will keep you gripped to the end. Though I was privileged enough to get an ARC for this book trust me when I say I would have bought it. It was hot in all the right places and had an interesting plot to boot.

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