Want You to Want Me by Lorelei James

Published: August 4, 2020

This book was such a good enemies to lovers story but it was also a really slow burn. And though I should have expected that since Gabi and Nolan did not get along I was initially hoping it would move quicker. But it was so much fun reading about the fights and misunderstandings between these two. The frenemies status all started because of a misunderstanding and it didn’t get easier between them until they finally cleared the air over a couple of drinks and arcade games. I loved that they started their friend relationship with texting and just talking about things until Gabi gets an interview for the next step in her career and doesn’t know what to wear or who to help her. So she does the only thing she can and that is barge in on Nolan in a panic and go to his personal stylist. It is then that the relationship really develops and things start to go from frenemies to an actual relationship. And that relationship was so good. I loved these two once they started texting back and forth and actually liked each other.

Another thing that I like about Lorelei James books is that I know the places that she talks about and it’s kind of fun to read about them in a book. So I’m from North Dakota so I know Fargo North High School (yes, there is a Fargo South High School) and I know that the University of North Dakota did cut their women’s hockey team after two of their players went on to win gold medals in the last Olympics. I’m still salty about that for sure and I didn’t even go to UND. I like being able to relate to a character and I was able to relate to Gabi. I can’t wait to see what the next books is and who the protagonists are. I just know I’ll really enjoy it. Finally, I received this book as an ARC for this honest review and I hope you now go grab this book.

—-“ME: Kidding. It’s gotta be Fargo. / GW: I seriously hate you right now.” -Nolan and Gabi on their favorite movie (side note: I hate the show and movie Fargo and will go into a rant when people bring it up to me)

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