A Secret for a Secret by Helena Hunting

Published: May 12, 2020

This book was so good! I loved seeing the golden boy become unraveled by his feelings for a woman who was his opposite in every single way. Ryan “King” Kingston didn’t normally have a one night stand but after finding out that his big sister is actually his mother he didn’t know what else to do but try and get drunk even though he also didn’t drink. One drink lead to another and when he chatted up a gorgeous young woman it all went down quite quickly for his experience. Now I suppose I should have prefaced this with the fact that this book takes place well after the second one. So King is no longer with his longtime girlfriend especially since she wanted him to quit hockey well before he was ready. Anyway when he sees Queenie (his one night stand) at his team meeting he knows that the one time he took a chance it will bite him in the ass. And the slight chaos that ensues is honestly pure gold because Queenie can’t believe that he is there either. She didn’t look at the player roster and the last person she wanted to be involved with was a hockey player. Especially not a hockey player who played for the team her father was the GM for. Now she has made some major mistakes in her life but she did not want this to be one.

I really loved how they came together and that King wanted to do all the right things for Queenie even though he traveled with the team a lot and so did she. He also got her father’s permission to date her which is something that I thought was cute if a bit old fashioned. I can honestly say that Helena Hunt does some of my favorite hockey books and this one was no different. We even got to meet Alex and Violet’s children and see that Violet never really changed even though she is a fabulous mother. And Lavender was so freaking cute! It’ll be interesting to read her story as a second generation Pucked book. I highly suggest this book to anyone who needs a good laugh. Don’t miss out on it!

—“Bishop jabs a finger in the reporter’s direction. ‘Yes. With sextuplets, because my army of sperm is the motherfucking bomb. We’re gonna start our own damn hockey team in one fell swoop.’ He raises his arms in the air like he’s preaching a sermon.” -Bishop on if Stevie is pregnant—

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