Hunter by Kym Grosso

Published: May 31, 2019

I love Kym Grosso’s books but it always seems like I never get to her new book until close to the next one in the series even though I want to read it right after the previous book. It’s a strange cycle. Anyway, we start this book directly where no one wants to be and that is smack dab in the middle of Hell. Hunter is there to save Victor but when he finds Ilsabeth and an unknown wolf his sense of honor won’t just let him leave them there. But when he gets them all back to his Wyoming home he can’t understand his need to protect the unknown she-wolf. So when Willa wakes up he needs to make sure that he is as non-threatening as possible. Though he is a a walk in the park compared to Hell. Well, the chemistry between Hunter and Willa is instant and off the charts but both are still very wary of each each. Especially since it is wolves who captured her and sold her to the demons in the first place. Then miracle of miracles happens and her brother shows up and swears to protect her though he doesn’t get along with Hunter. Does the brother ever get along with the love interest? Not that I’ve seen. At least not at first.

And that is just the beginning of their adventure. There are demons and rogue wolves after them. They are traveling to uncharted areas to retrieve items for Ilsabeth of all people in order to break the pact that the rogue wolves made with the demon who wants Willa. Of course, Ilsabeth has her own agenda but we all saw that one coming. Finally, the epilogue that sets up for Victor’s book is so good! Even better than the one that set up for this book and in that Hunter went into Hell. Like how was that topped? This book was such a gripping read and one that I wish I would have read earlier. But now I don’t have to wait as long for the next book so maybe it’s a horse a piece. Also, I want to end this on THAT COVER! OMG! The cover to this book is so drool worthy. Honestly, one of my favorite covers ever because just look at those abs. And that V. If you aren’t drooling you’re a stronger person than I am.

—“Run for my life? You do remember I broke in to and out of Hell, right? Hell is my bitch.” -Hunter to Willa—

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