Shadow’s Claim by Kresley Cole

Published: November 27, 2012

This is probably the third time I’ve read this book. But that is because the first time I read it thinking it was a standalone and while it kind of was it really should be read as part of the series so the second time I read it was part of the series as a whole and now that I’m rereading the series it makes it my third time through this one. It’s a good thing I like Trehan though because Bettina is a total pushover for most of the book and honestly she kind of annoys me. Like I get that she is scared but seriously fight. Oh and Caspion is a douche. I’ve said it when I read the book before and I’ll say it again. He makes Bettina feel so bad about him entering the competition for her hand when in reality he had no choice because Trehan was honor bound to kill him. If he had wanted to stay alive he needed to be in the tournament and also to stay in Bettina’s good graces. Though he didn’t do that he made it all seem like it was her fault he was a man whore and broke his pledge to stay in Dacia. Anyway that’s my two cents on the current Caspion. But we do learn some key things in this book. Like we learn about Trehan who is introduced in Lothaire’s book and we learn a bit more about Dacia as well. We also learn about the warlocks who are trying to make an army of mindless Lykae to be at their beck and call. And we meet our first primordial demon and learn what being a primordial means.

Though Bettina did annoy me the storyline was a good one. She also got better as the story went along so that helped. The fight scenes were also so good! It was like I was watching an action movie and that is what I want when there are going to be battle scenes in a book. If it is lacking in detail I don’t want anything to do with it. This one was not and there were a lot of fights to the death considering it was tournament for the princess’s hand and the kingdom. I do really hope that we get a book about the other two “uncles” in Dacia. I’d also like Mina’s book as well and I know the blurb for it is floating out there somewhere. As it is, I will just content myself with my reread and eventually rereading all of my Lykae books again. So wait until I gush about how much I love MacRieve.

—“Greatness resides in you. Power or not, you can become empowered.” -Trehan to Bettina—

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