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Forever Only Once by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: June 23, 2020

This book was so good. I hadn’t read it but I got an ARC for the second book and in the first couple of chapters events from this book were mentioned so in order to not feel so lost right off the bat I put that book down and picked up this one and I am really glad that I did. I thoroughly enjoyed this book to the point that I definitely didn’t want it to end but was okay with it ending since I already had the second book. This one is an interesting plot because it is a group of four women who all have had to deal with some pretty harrowing pasts but decide that they are tired of being alone so they create a blind date pact. Now this sounds like a great idea initially since they will set each other up with people that they know. But nothing is as good as it sounds. Hazel is the first up and right out of the gate her date doesn’t show up. But a very good looking Cross does and though it starts out as a case of mistaken identities I turns into a pleasant date and lots of awkward texting. Cross is at the end of his rope with his business partner and former best friend. In fact he thinks that something shady is going on with him and he is afraid it will adversely affect his business. But the one good thing from him is that he sent him on an evening meeting and Cross met Hazel and even though they were both stood up it was for the best.

So not only was the meet-cute in this book adorable but Hazel has a terrible past with an abuse ex-husband that we all know will come into play in the climax of the storyline. Though you do see that coming and even see the set up coming what is different is the way it all goes down. And the detail that the author put in to show how truly unhinged he was. Like seriously he was a deranged man with a lot of money and if you read enough books or read a damn newspaper you know how well that turns out for everyone. Only in romance novels the heroes always win and though there is some heartache that follows they find their way back to each other. Now onto the next book because I am seriously in love with the Brady brothers!

—“Hazel: I was just grading papers. You know us teachers, the red pen tells all. / I winced. / Me: That was like the worst part of doing homework, seeing what I fucked up on.” -Cross—

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