From That Moment by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: August 18, 2020

If you read my post on the first book you’ll know that I picked this book up and then decided that I needed to read the first one. That is because the first couple of chapters reference events from the first book and me being me I had to know what it was. I think that most people could read this book as a true standalone but I was not one of those people. I had to know how Cross and Hazel got together and were happy. It also helped to know because you got to see Prior and Paris in that book as well. This one definitely starts off as an enemies to lovers book at least it has that vibe. Paris does not like Prior for no apparent reason but Prior is determined to get her to like him. Though his illicit thoughts about her don’t help considering he has a girlfriend but honestly she is around all the time. They now work together and Paris’s job is to tell Prior when he does things wrong and though she loves that job the other men in her office hate her for it. Prior won’t back down though and will get her on his side eventually. And he does. After running into her after a couple of terrible blind dates for her and him just being in the right place at the right time he feels that they have a friendship growing. And maybe more? But when Paris’s past comes back to haunt her will it finally take her down this time? Or will she confide in Prior and let him help. You need to read to find out!

Ok those last lines were cheesy but I totally wanted to write them. This book was such a quick read for me and I really enjoyed seeing the pseudo enemies become friends and then become lovers. It was a long journey for them but they did make it and they made it out alive. There are definitely some major bumps on the road and the mystery of who attacked Paris doesn’t get solved until the climax of the book which was a really gripping scene. I highly recommend this book and I did receive an ARC for an honest review. And now I need the third book because talk about your animosity between couples. Dakota and Macon have some serious heat hidden behind all that dislike.

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