Vitality by Crysta Levere

Published: August 25, 2020

Fair warning! For me to properly write my review on this book there are spoilers in the post. You’ve been warned!

This book was a slow read for me. Like it took until about halfway through the book for me to really get interested in it and even though I don’t normally give books that much time because I got an ARC I wanted to make sure that I read the entire book. So this book was not a typical romance or in my definition a romance at all. It definitely had romantic elements and a couple of hot scenes but it was more a fantasy/thriller. Which is great just not necessarily my cup of tea. The first half of the book was slow because I couldn’t get into the storyline or see where the plot was going. The main character, Ava, kept having hallucinations that muddied the waters of the storyline especially when she thought about the main love interest, Layton. Well, then things started to pick up and I got to the near end and turns out that Layton is actually evil. Fine! He is a vampire but since I was still hoping for a romance at this point I was like “nope this ain’t no romance”. But then I got confused again because he was telling her that everything that happened was in her mind and then when she destroys him because she is a bad ass she goes back to her friends who were supposedly in her mind and then her original group of friends show up and say that she has been freaking the town out because she has been living in an old abandoned house going around town talking to herself. Then the book ends on a cliffhanger and I don’t know if the whole freaking book was a hallucination or not. I JUST NEED TO KNOW!! So these are the reasons why I wasn’t a fan of this book.

Now for some positivity. Though this book wasn’t my cup of tea this would be a great read for someone who is into psychological thrillers with a fantasy base. The writing was really well done and the character development was on point. Ava was a such a bad ass and she fought herself and her impulses every step of the way and wanted to be a better person. All of that shows me some great writing and though I was confused by the hallucinations they were well done and portrayed how mentally unstable she was (or was she?). Also, the cover of this book is so cool! I love it. I didn’t pick this book up for the cover but I totally would have. Though the blurb did not properly portray what this book was about I am glad I gave it a shot and read something different from my normal.

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