Miss Apprehended by Amie Knight and Miranda Elaine

Published: August 27, 2020

This book was so cute and quick. I really enjoyed the main characters and the misconception of their meeting. Jake was after Tillie not Millie and Millie is honestly so damn tired of being mistaken for her trouble making sister. She has plans and goals that Tillie doesn’t seem to have. And because they are identical every time there is a new cop or bounty hunter she ends up with cuffs on. Only this time the new guy doesn’t let her go he thinks that she can be used as bait for Tillie. That didn’t work in the past and won’t work now. Jake doesn’t believe her and he doesn’t want to let her go anyway. It was a case of insta-lust and then a case of falling in love super quickly. I liked the storyline and the fact that the characters recognized that their relationship moved really quickly and they became attached to each almost instantly. I thought it was kind of cute because you don’t see that instant possessiveness outside of paranormal romances usually. Also, there definitely wasn’t shortage of hot scenes in this book which backed up the insta-lust claim.

So I know that this post is pretty short but the book was really short and I can’t really write more about it without giving away literally everything. This book took me only a few hours to read and if I hadn’t started it before bed I probably would have finished it in one sitting. I am looking forward to reading the next one which will be Tillie’s book and I hope it has some of the same hilarity in it that Millie provided. You should definitely grab this one if you haven’t already.

—“She looks thoughtful and a bit sad. I wish I knew what was going on in her head. She’s an anomaly to me. My job requires me to be good at reading people, and usually, I am. But this girl? She’s full of surprises. I think that’s one of the reasons I like her so much.” -Jake—

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