Desiring the Dancer by Lilly Avalon

Published: August 31, 2020

This book was a really quick read. It only took about an hour to read and I was asked to read it by the author. I chose it because the hero had a different profession than I’ve read in romance novels lately. He was a stripper and that made this both interesting and different. This one is a novella which means that it is really short. Carlie is supposed to help her step sister with her bachelorette party but no one said anything about hiring strippers. So when she wants them Carlie has no idea what to do. Only it seems to all work out and though she is usually the awkward one she connects with one of the waiters who just so happens to be one of the strippers. Aiden doesn’t mind his job but when he meets Carlie he wants to have more than a one night stand. That is if she wants that.

The miscommunication between these two was so cute because of course it caused problems but since it was a novella these problems were solved super quickly. I also really liked that the epilogue continued with their story and didn’t give a sneak peek at the next book. It showed how their relationship progressed and flourished. Again, I know this post was short but you gotta forgive me. There is only so much I can write about such a short novel.

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