Dark Song by Christine Feehan

Published: September 1, 2020

This was my favorite Carpathian novel of late. I loved how different Ferro was with Elisabeta than the other characters in the books. But also he was different than the other lifemates have been. He knew exactly what Elisabeta needed and he was willing to give her up in order to keep her happy. He was convinced that she would want to leave him once she learned how to live in the modern world. Now that went against everything that both of them knew about lifemates and it was pretty heart wrenching to have Elisabeta wonder if she was doing things wrong and if Ferro actually desired her as a lifemate or not. This was something that he couldn’t handle either and needed to reassure of them. Honestly, Ferro was just perfect for her. He didn’t want to share her with the Carpathian people but only she could get rid of the threat that was infecting everyone at the compound. Which was awesome because I totally didn’t expect her to be put into such an important role right away.

In addition to the two new characters we got visits from some older characters as well who were there to help and to meet Elisabeta. Josef came back and was an integral part of this storyline. The ancients also took special interest in him which is something that hadn’t been seen with him in the previous books. I’m honestly hoping that he finds his lifemate before he loses his emotions because I would really love his back story. I also liked that we got to see the children in the compound again and we learned more about the soul merge with Lorraine and Andor from a few books ago that affected the characters of this book. With this one and the previous one I’m really interested to see what Christine Feehan puts out next. I’ve really enjoyed these two and would like to see not only who the main characters are but also who the main threat would be. You don’t want to miss out on this book and the turning of the tides for the Carpathian people.

—-“No, she doesn’t. She thinks I’m a caveman and I like that she thinks that. It makes for fun evenings when she visits with you. Julija, on the other hand, can think I am sweet. You can share that with her as often as possible, just not when the brethren are around. I have no wish to be turned into a toad, or suddenly have a tail or donkey ears, no matter how temporary. She’s mage and can be vengeful.” -Ferro (originally about Lorraine)—

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