The Jackal by J.R. Ward

Published: August 18, 2020

This book was everything that I had wanted it to be!!! Oh man it was so good. Though I could have totally used another 100 pages or so of the storyline but that is probably what I would say for any of her books really. This was a long awaited book because it is about the prison camp that has been referenced in the previous books. But not only was it about the prison camp it was about a specific character who also happens to be Rhage’s half brother. Now that isn’t a spoiler because the author said it previously but the time it took for these two to just figure it out was a bit ridiculous. Not that they were in each other’s presence for very long. So The Jackal was sent to the prison camp on a charge for a crime he didn’t commit and there he became the Command’s favorite toy. Not that he wanted that at all. Nyx found a pretrans boy who fled from the prison camp and took his garbled directions to try and find it so that she could free her sister. She was convinced that her sister had been wrongly convicted of murder and wanted to get her out. The thing is that the glymera ran the camp and when they lost interest the king thought it was closed down when in reality it just kept on running just under The Command’s rule instead.

I loved the interactions between the Jackal and Nyx. They each needed something from each other in order to get through her breaking into the camp alive. And in that mean time they came to actually mean something to each other. Additionally, in previous books the bonding scent happened early on but in this one it happened almost instantly though neither of them noticed it. This book wasn’t just a great romance story but it had some intense moments and some sadness to it as well. I like that it is tied into the BDB world without being one of the main books because I feel like that gave it more freedom for the characters to live or die. Now a couple of things that I would like to know. What is The Jackal’s real name? We don’t learn that in this book and I really want to know what his name was. Like is it a name reserved for the brothers or a civilian’s name? I also want to know why he is called “The Jackal”. What did he do to earn this moniker? Why has he kept is so long? These are the things I think about and really want to know. I kind of hope that they are discussed in the next BDB book or at least the next prison camp one.

—“You are such a twat-waffle,” Jack blurted. “And no, I don’t know what that means, but it is not good.” -Jack to Mayhem, pg. 228—

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