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Semi-Sweet on You by Erin Nicholas

Published: September 15, 2020

This book was really cute but it was a much much slower burn than I was expecting. I’m not really a slow burn kind of girl but I’m learning the art of patience with this series. This book is also a second chance romance for Cam and Whitney and though they act as enemies in the other books they don’t really do that in this one. I think it’s because Cam is ready to move on and wants to do that with Whitney no matter what. So boy is it a surprise when Whitney’s grandmother, Didi, wins the dessert date with him at the auction and proposes that he moves in and helps her out around the house. And then the most unlikely (but honestly the cutest) friendship forms between them. Didi knows that Cam is still in love with Whitney and in order to get her to admit that to herself she wants to put Cam front and center in her life. But she also makes Cam realize that he will need to support Whitney in her career because no one else in her life besides Didi ever believed in her. And that in and of itself is totally heart wrenching. Whitney is so cute because she is trying to not work so much and she wants to show Cam that she really cares but she is terrified that it will all blow up in her face.

So all the fears that Whitney has are totally real and it’s a problem that many corporate women face which makes her such a relatable character. I also just love the relationship that Didi has with Cam and then with Henry too. She is basically their grandma again and it’s so heart breaking when she just misses Letty all because her husband said that she couldn’t spend time with her and try to mend the relationship. Like what an asshole. But that really makes sense for men of that time period it’s just too bad that his children ended up like him. But Didi was hilarious and just such a joy. Finally, I am so glad that the next book will be a crossover with the Boys of the Bayou series. That is the series that started me reading Erin Nicholas and I am here for it. It’s gonna be adorable but hopefully not as slow of a burn.

—“His grandmother always maintained that cutting corners was for things like shopping for pants and dusting bookshelves. She said when you found pants you like, you bought two pairs in every color and were done with it for a good long while. She also kept her books at the front edge of the shelf so she only had to dust the tops of the books. As she said, no one ever looked behind the books.” -Cam—

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