Kane by Sawyer Bennett

Published: September 15, 2020

We have now moved away from the first line of players to the important second line with Kane. This book is a best friends to lovers story and though it starts out as them as simply best friends they do move past that quite quickly which was kind of a nice since they already know each other and trust each other. They also only came to this conclusion because Mollie went out with a teammate and Kane could not handle it. Which was hilarious because he basically invited her to use him simply for sex and as a “scratching post”. This then lead to a confession of feelings since they had phenomenal sex before and it was just as good as they remembered. But once real romantic feelings begin they can’t just be turned off. And while Mollie is fine with staying with Kane for now once her psycho ex is found and behind bars she wants to continue her passion for traveling. That’s hard to do when your boyfriend is a professional hockey player so being around when he is is important to her. However, Kane is does not handle the whole psycho ex well like any of the good heroes would really. But the way he is handled is just great!

Okay so what really surprised me was that the ex getting what was coming for him was not the climax of this book. Like there was still more book left and while I loved that I was also super surprised. But the actual climax was also really good and definitely what you would be expecting from the storyline. Also, there was a small crossover with the Jameson Force character because they came to help with the ex problem and it was again so good. I love seeing those characters outside of their own books. Finally, on a side note, this book was hard for me to read because I am a traveler (not like Mollie I am way to high maintenance for that) and it made me want to go somewhere and see new places and meet new people. I miss traveling so much!! Anyway, I received an arc for an honest review and I hope that you pick up this book.

—“You got poor grades in math in high school and college, didn’t you?” -Steele to Kane—

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