The Guardian by Donna Grant

Published: September 21, 2020

This book you guys! This was a really good ending to the series. And before you say I spoiled anything by saying that this was the end you should know it by now. Come on Donna announced it. Anyway, Maks was such a great character. We only got glimpses and references of him in the other books and for him to have the last book was just a great wrap up to the whole thing. Maks was working for the CIA, FSB, and the Saints while actually working for himself to take the Saints down. He was a man on a mission and would have succeeded alone until he was made and on the run for his life. So then he needed help and he found Eden who was a top notch information broker who happened to work for a company that the Saints ran. He didn’t want to put her in danger but had no choice in the matter. And their story just gets better as you move forward in the book. They (of course) are attracted to each other but avoid that attraction for the greater good and Maks simply takes care of Eden which is so freaking sweet. Until he makes her go hiking in a blizzard. Not sweet. Necessary but not sweet.

I really liked that Donna brought in an element of reality to her work of fiction. Now this is probably a SPOILER so stop reading now.

Anyway, that point of reality is the virus that Saints spread. Since their first one was stolen they had another one ready to release and they did. With that new strain of virus they took out thousands around the world and the only ones with a vaccine for the virus was the Saints. At least the Elders of the Saints had it. This hit super close to home like I’m sure it did or will for many of you because yes, I’m sure conspiracy theorists are having a heyday with figuring out who broke our real virus. This book though was such a great ending to the series. It didn’t seem too abrupt of an ending (which happens sometimes) but more seamless. I would have liked to have gotten a second epilogue with the Loughmans on the ranch though. Maybe a follow-up Christmas novella where they all come together to celebrate? Just saying I would read that!

—“This was Hell. Without a doubt, Hell wasn’t some fiery pit. It was ice and snow and frigid temperatures.” -Eden (and me. This is 100% what I think Hell is)—

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