Scandalous Prince by Rachel Van Dyken

Published: September 22, 2020

Oh my god! Oh my god! This book was so freaking good. I will say that chapter two was such a hard read. Oh man there were definitely tears for that chapter. Yes, it is all good in the end but during the reading it was so hard. There are of course other parts of this book that will kind of break you down as well but nothing like that chapter. At least not in my opinion. Also, as a fair warning this post might have spoilers. I’m not sure if I can properly gush about the book without them. So if you don’t want any please stop reading so I don’t ruin this amazing novel for you.

Moving forward. I had a huge book hangover after this one. Like worse than after Ruthless Princess because at the beginning of the book you’re like “how are they going to be together?” Now I just want to know how Breaker kept getting away from the group without people noticing. Like seriously one would think that they would have noticed but apparently not. And they say the mafia sees all. And then there is Valerian who I totally despised and then liked but I despised him before I figured it all out. Once that was done then it was all pretty good in my book. Only Violet isn’t as smart as everyone was giving her credit for. Like honestly, Valerian dropped hints of his identity to previous conversations they had had and she still didn’t pick up on it. I was rather disappointed in Violet. And can we just take a second to talk about Ash and Annie? I swear if he hurts that girl he will be dead to me. But it seems like he is already doing a bang-up job at it. I’m not sure how their book is going to go. I see lots of tears and lots of alcohol to get me through it. I was so into this one that I didn’t even spare the time to break out any of the booze. Until it was over and I was in kind of a haze from it. That’s how good it was.

I guess this post didn’t really have any true spoilers. But it could have gone either way. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this one after the very very rough start but it all ended up being alright in the end which is really what a romance is all about. Even scarily accurate mafia romances need an HEA. I am really looking forward to the next book in the series and I hope that after you have read this post you go out and grab this book. It might wreck you but it’s an amazing read.

—“Oh, I’m still here, but the hand was too insulted to stay, so it tapped in my mouth…” -Valerian to Violet—

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