Own the Eights Maybe Baby by Krista Sandor

Published: September 23, 2020

This book was so cute and while I enjoyed it there were definitely ups and downs in the speed of the storyline. This book started right after the honeymoon with the thought that Georgie would be pregnant and then the cyclone of everyone finding out about the pregnancy within the same day. I mean how crazy would that be for any expecting couple and then they find out about a baby competition for City Beat which was set to be premiered after the birth. Only Georgie and Jordan know nothing about children so they need to learn from the masters with a fake baby affectionally dubbed as Faby. Now I imagine Faby is creepy AF but they are determined not just to win but they also want to know they will be good parents and isn’t that what all new parents want? Although the competition is fierce we don’t see a lot of the Emperor of Asshattery. Jordan is trying to keep his cool because Georgie is basically freaking out every single step of the way. Though her fear of spiders is not irrational. It’s totally rational and logical.

I will say that they found some very in opportune moments to get it on. Honestly, it was like they were horny teenagers all the time. While the other books were like that too I felt that this one was much more pronounced. But it was also hilarious when something happened and they had to quickly cover for each other both figuratively and literally. I had a lot of laughs in this book which was something I’ve been missing recently so I highly suggest this if you need a lighter read. Don’t miss out on this last book of our favorite blogging royalty.

—“When you’re the worst, there’s nowhere to go but up. And, at least for today, nobody’s reporting us to the real FBI.” -Georgie to Jordan—

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