The Glass Princess by Gena Showalter

Published: September 29, 2020

This book was so freaking good. I think I liked it much better than the first one even though I loved Everly. But this one just had so much more in it and I think that probably was because it isn’t the first book in a new series like the first book was. But its prologue was something that happened in the past and not something from further in the book which I honestly hated because I was waiting for the events to that were mentioned to happen. I was not expecting to like this one was much as I did because I thought Ashleigh would end up as an enemy of everyone. The way I read the blurb I thought she sought to rule Sevón which is obviously Roth’s kingdom but she didn’t and wouldn’t do that. She was truly the little cinder girl only instead of being beloved by her father, he couldn’t stand her and thought her weak. Though her body was weak her will and mind were not and that was basically a giant F-You to him.

Also, Saxon was a total asshole in the beginning. Like I was having problems liking him because he was being such a jerk to a girl he didn’t even know. But in true romance fashion he started to realize how wrong he had been and how this young woman was not the same woman who betrayed him in two previous lifetimes. Oh, did I mention they are reincarnates. Because they are. So that was another fun twist that we learn about fairly early on.

Honestly, I have been nursing a book hangover for like a week over this book. I just want to know more and I totally want Sleeping Beauty’s story after the hint in this book. I’ve been trying to speculate who gets a book next but there are too many great options and not enough books out to eliminate ones. So I’ll just have to wait like everyone else. It’s so hard though. Anyway, I hope that your takeaway is that this is a must read book so you need to read it today!

—-“I didn’t mean… you know what? Never mind. I’ll get you a freaking beefcake. Well, a vegecake. I don’t do meat. Unless you’re willing to take a chance on a squirrel? They’re the chicken of the trees, you know, and the little suckers deserve death by mastication. I said what I said.” -Eve to Ashleigh—-

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