Dare to Play by Carly Phillips

Published: October 6, 2020

This book was so good and honestly just a quick sweet read. Jaxon was a self proclaimed playboy and he was fine with that but management wasn’t. He was supposed to clean up his image but the only way to do that seemed to be to tie himself down to some woman no matter how much he didn’t want to. When Macy told him her problems though he figured out a way to get it all. Clean up his image. Stay on the team. And still have great sex. And since it seemed like Macy needed his help just as much it was a win all around. Only getting into a real but fake marriage with a woman who is looking after her teenage sister is complicated. And honestly that girl was a brat and should have been slapped upside the head. If I talked to my guardian that way I would have been slapped upside the head. I did not care for her at all. Though she was the catalyst to get Macy into it all.

I liked the chemistry and the banter with Jaxon and Macy. It made the book move quicker and still hit all of the highlights of their relationship. Though the premise of the book was a fake marriage sports romance it wasn’t all that much about sports because the book took place during the off season. I would have liked to have seen them work with their crazy situation during the season. I think that would have added some extra spice. Either way I enjoyed this novel and cannot wait for the next one!

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