The Bookworm’s Guide to Dating by Emma Hart

Published: October 6, 2020

This book was hilarious! As a true bookworm and librarian I know how important books are and I have totally gone on book rants before. I also won’t go out with someone who doesn’t like to read. So I totally get Kinsley. Any significant other needs to at least like books. No matter what kind of books. It’s true necessity in life. Anyway, I loved that Kinsley just decided that she was going to try and date more and then got her brother’s best friend to help her find someone. Only then did she realize the error of her ways because she was starting to have feelings for him that had never happened before. Like ever. And she didn’t like them. At least in the beginning. Then she found out that he actually had secret feelings for her and she didn’t know what to do with that information either. Not to mention the dates he put her on did not have the proper respect for Harry Potter and that wasn’t something she could abide by. Honestly, the Harry Potter rants are something I can get behind. Especially about Prisoner of Azkaban. Nobody wants to get me started on that.

Anyway, this book had so many hilarious moments in it. Like a duck parade complete with hand sewn outfits by crazy octogenarians. It will forever remain true that no one does crazy old people like Emma Hart. It’s just too damn good. She also totally gets what it’s like to be a book lover so writing a romance about a book lover isn’t as hard. I’m sure she just had to channel all her feelings about certain things (see Harry Potter rant) and put them into the storyline. All of these things made this such a great read and I honestly want a guy like Josh. He was perfect without being too perfect. Like he still had faults which is nice. It wasn’t too fake. Anyway, life is not like a romance novel but that is why I read a them.

—“Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain with me, child. That’s a hardback you’re cussing about.” -Grandma Vicki to Josh—

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