Shadows by Kristen Proby

Published: October 29, 2019

This book was creepy AF. But a good creepy because I was actually able to read it and I don’t do horror or anything so it doesn’t really go into that area. But I am glad that I read this book in October because it seems quite timely for it. Makes me feel like I’m really celebrating the spooky side of this month. Anyway, this book is technically a paranormal romance but it isn’t like other PNRs. It is definitely paranormal since it deals with witches and psychics and mediums but it doesn’t deal with things that we kind of know don’t exist in real life. But these ones (I believe) most definitely do. So this book is about Brielle who is a medium and sees dead people. Mostly she just sees shadows of ghosts and since she lives in New Orleans she definitely has to stick to a routine so none of them startle her or harm her. Her sisters are just as powerful as she is and they definitely have to deal with their own problems but those books are forthcoming. What made this book so creepy is that it was about a serial killer who was after Brielle and the only way she knew about it was because the ghosts of the girls he killed had found her and started to follow her around. Now that normally didn’t happen to her so it freaked her out and at the same time she started dating a guy who is a profiler for the FBI. Cash didn’t know if he believed that she really saw dead people but he believed her and they went to the police in order to help them find the killer. And as the case proceeded he realized no matter what he couldn’t live without this woman and was going to stay in New Orleans.

Now what I really liked was that even though this is a paranormal these women are women with powers who are just trying to live their lives in the Big Easy. Though not always easy they trust the place and know what to expect. I really liked that aspect of the book because so often in PNRs you don’t see the fact that they just have regular jobs like being a tour guide for ghost tours. This book also really took me back to the days that I watched Criminal Minds. Because the scenes of what the serial killer did were so well written and quite freaky. Which was perfect because glossing over those types of details would have made this book less powerful and would have not made me be chomping at the bit for the next book. I am so glad I picked this one up and you should definitely read it this Halloween season. I got it for free on Amazon so maybe the sale is still going on by the time you read this post. Either way this book was different in all the right ways and I can’t wait to read Spells.

—-“”Aww, isn’t that sweet?” Daphne asks. “She called him her something.”” -Daphne to Millie—

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