Far From Destined by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: October 27, 2020

Honestly this book was everything that I wanted it to be. Dakota was wary of how she felt around Macon and who could blame her after her abusive ex but she knew that she couldn’t avoid him forever. Unfortunately, she keeps seeing him at his worse like when he just finished a fight and she tells him to stay away from her and her son. Yeah, that hurts him more than any punch could. Only they have the nosiest friends and family ever and they stage an intervention. Since Dakota is next on the blind date pact with her friends and really cannot bring herself to do it they decide to set her up with Macon instead. Not on a date but so they at least stop growling at each other every time they are in the same room. That is the tough part to be honest. However, in true romance fashion, not all is as it seems to the friends and family and we are taken on a trip that is really good. Because for the action packed part of it all Dakota’s ex is back in the picture and the police aren’t doing anything about it. Now that just pisses off all of the characters and me as a reader. Like come on police. Do your job! But that is a tangent I won’t go on.

This book was a really quick read for me. It helped that I was motivated like hell because I had been waiting for it. Now all I want is the last one because Nate is hiding one hell of a secret and that is going to be so interesting when everything comes out. But that is a post for another day. I’m going to close this out with a gushing a bit about how adorable Joshua is. Like he is the epitome of a six year old boy. He has a big heart and listens to his mom but he also just wants to talk about farts with someone. Which is beyond hilarious to me. He was definitely the cutest part and he had such a great role in the storyline. I love it when authors make sure that the children are their own developed characters and not just there. If you want a quick great read you definitely need to grab this one!

—“Sorry, I do like you, Nate. I like all of you guys. You’re fun, and you let me play sports, and we can talk about farts because we’re guys. Mom wouldn’t let me talk about farts this morning. I don’t know why.” -Joshua—

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