Spells by Kristen Proby

Published: October 27, 2020

This book was not as creepy as the first one. Honestly, the first one freaked me out but this one did not and I think it was because Millie was not seeing the ghosts of the victims and the scenes were not quite as gruesome to me. Though the serial killer still had some pretty crazy scenes. Which is to be expected from a serial killer. In this one Millie and Lucien are reborn time and time again to defeat the great evil but they have been unable to do it without the six. Lucien remembers all of his previous lives while Millie only gets glimpses in dreams and is honestly wary of Lucien until she finds out the truth. Between the two of them they know that they are next to face Horace but they have no idea how he is going to come after them this time. Since he is supposed to be dead. And honestly the fact that they are being tormented by a dead serial killer is kind of freaky.

So I will say that I guessed who Horace had possessed but it wasn’t immediate so that helped with the storyline for me. Also I totally loved the reincarnation storyline with Lucien and Millie and how they reconnected with their previous life in New Orleans. Then the twist of who they were related to in the city and in their lives was really cool as well. There was definitely a lot more of the witchcraft in this book but that’s to be expected and I honestly thought it was great. The whole storyline was well written and perfect for Halloween. I cannot wait for the next book which unfortunately will be out next year. That one is really going to freak me out because I have a thing about missing eyeballs. But I bet it’s gonna me so good! Don’t miss this book!

—“Why am I elbow-deep in the business end of a pumpkin?” -Cash to Millie—

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