Dark Alpha’s Caress by Donna Grant

Published: November 16, 2020

This book was everything I wanted from a Reaper book that happens after Inferno. The main heroine is a Druid from the Skye Druids and she hasn’t left her home for 10 years because she still believes that she is to blame for her mother and sister’s deaths. This doesn’t explain though why Cathal is drawn to her when he sees her hurt after spying on the Druids in Ireland who want to form their own faction of the Others. Now that the group has been eliminated both the Fae and the Druids want to create their own factions to take out the Dragon Kings. This is a problem for the Reapers who have done every thing in their power to get rid of the Others with the kings. Only now something strange is happening with the Halfling on the Isle of Skye. They can’t believe that she is a Fae along with being part of one of the most powerful Druid sects left. So while Cathal and Aisling are investigating whether or not she is a part of either the Fae or the Druid factions that want to be the new Others they have also dedicated themselves to protecting her from the Fae that are surrounding her property. Which is a first for Sorcha since she has never really drawn the attention of the Fae.

This book was a quick read like the majority of the Reaper books are. Sorcha was an interesting character and I loved how she was connected to the Skye Druids which then directly connects to the Dragon Kings. So much interconnectedness!! Also with these hints about off shoot factions of new Others I believe will really set up for the spin-off series of the Dark Kings which is now officially the Dragon Kings series that comes out early in 2021. We by no means will be done with the original kings and we certainly have more to learn from the Reaper books so I think that these next few books are going to give the readers a lot to think about in regards to the new direction the universe is taking and what type of storyline that will make. No matter what I am totally here for it!!

—“It’s nice to meet you, Cathal,” Rhona said with a smile. “If you hurt my cousin, I’ll find you and cut out your heart.” -Rhona (Sorcha’s cousin and leader of the Skye Druids)—

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