Treior Dragon Chronicles: Book 2 by Dianna Love

Published: October 13, 2020

This book was really good and I’m so late in writing a review. Honestly, I’m so late that the third book is out already. However, in this one things are still heating up for Daegan and his team and Tristan has yet to be found. So in order to find him Daegan needs to find Cashide and to do that he needs to bring more of his people in on this little trip than he really wanted to. But he needs Quinn’s knowledge of the modern world and connections as well as Reese’s remote viewing. These will help in finding out where the little she-devil has gone off to. Which leads to an interesting adventure and a few fight scenes that are so well written. I love the way Dianna Love writes fight scenes. No matter how long they are they are still so good.

And while Daegan is working on finding Tristan, Tristan is working on freeing himself from the crazy Cathbad and the bitch Brynhild. The plans that Cathbad has made and what he has done makes me speculate that he is the reason for the start of the Dragoni wars. Like he has already manipulated Brynhilds dragon is it too much of a leap to think that she was the red dragon back then too when Daegan was ignorant of the distraction and then a prisoner? No it is not. So I am looking forward to finding out if I’m right. And for you all to find out how Tristan gets out of this mess.

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