Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 3 by Dianna Love

Published: November 10, 2020

This book definitely picked up quick where the last one left off. But then again that happens when the main heroine finds out the man she has been working with is in fact the hated enemy of her adopted people for generations. She believes that the Red Dragon started the Dragoni Wars and there is only one red dragon in existence and that is Daegan. No matter what he says to her she does not want to believe him. Though he is very convincing of being angry when he is blamed for the war. Then again he might just be a good actor when Casidhe is around. In this book though we get to see more of Tristan and the lengths he will go to in order to protect Daegan and the Beladors. Now Daegan knows about Brynhilde and though he doesn’t want to be her enemy she wants him dead. He didn’t realize that his rejection of the marriage offer between their clans would turn her so cold and bitter. Then again he never really knew her at all. Though after getting Tristan safe and knowing that there is a female ice dragon alive, he needs to find the grimoire and when they find a true lead it makes Casidhe trust Daegan more as he protects her and makes sure that she stays safe while they try to find an oracle who will tell them where to find one of the grimoire. Only that journey doesn’t happen like they expect. And with things heating way way WAY up at VIPER Quinn is on edge and Daegan knows that he is on a time limit to get everything done and keep everyone safe. I truly can’t wait for the next book after reading this one. Daegan ends this book in some really hot water and I need to know what VIPER is going to do. I would also like to know why they keep targeting the Beladors. Like go after some other supernaturals for once. Anyway, hopefully it’ll all come to light in the next book. We have six left in the series!

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