Christmas Embrace by Kym Grosso

Published: November 17, 2020

I seem to be reading a lot of Christmas romances early this year but this one is one not to be missed. In this one we are back in New Orleans with Kade and Sydney as they are still trying to figure out their life now that Sydney is a vampire. Not only that but the book starts out with the knowledge that they were fostering a wolf pup and had to return him to his deadbeat mother once she came for him. After she had abandoned him. Needless to say Sydney was having a rough go of it but she was putting on a brave face because Samantha and Luca were getting married at their place so everything had to be perfect. That is until she is called in to consult on a mass murder of wolves not from the local pack where she finds her son baby Zachary in a trash can. Her and Kade know that now that they have their son back no one is going to take him away from them without a fight. Kade is willing to give up his entire life in New Orleans in order to keep his son with him if the Alpha Logan decides that the pup needs to be raised by pack.

Not only do we get to revisit the two original couples but we get to see others from the books as well. There are cameos and references to the couples who all came to town for the wedding or who were in town and invited. But of course this book just couldn’t be warm and fuzzies. There is a demon attack that will tie into the large storyline with the next few books. Especially if the epilogue is anything to go by we are in for some action packed stories in the future. As for now, you don’t want to miss out on this little slice of normal for a couple that we don’t really get to see in the other books. Make sure to grab this one!

—“What the hell do ducks have to do with witchcraft?” -Dominque—

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