Bound by Forever by S. Young

Published: November 18, 2020

This book was so freaking good! I love how all of these books have very distinct storylines even though they all are following the Fae children. This one is finally Niamh’s story. She is the one who has known what she was since she was a child and she has been trying to protect the other Fae children as well from being killed or used to open the gates. Only after the death of her brother does she lose her way and her focus on the mission of keeping the gates closed. She is a one woman super hero who is going to get the supernatural community exposed if she keeps up with her antics. Which is why Kiyo was hired to keep her safe and though she doesn’t want his help. It isn’t until she keeps having visions that include him that she knows he needs to stay in her life.

So this book finally leaves Europe and heads to Japan. Having been to Tokyo I was super excited to read a romance that was based there because I don’t get too many in Asia. I loved how jealous Niamh got of Sakura and vice versa. I also loved how that jealousy spurred the two of them together to really acknowledge their feelings. More like stop fighting the attraction but I’ll take it. I also can’t believe that there is another villain out there that could destroy the world and we only have one book left in the series. ONE!! I’m not ready for the end. I love it too much and find this series a fresh twist on regular supernatural stories. I am also very much in love with Kiyo and think that he should get another book. Just sayin. I could probably write paragraphs on paragraphs about this book but I won’t because that is boring and will for sure have spoilers. I hope that you, dear reader, will go out and read this one and the two before it because they are awesome paranormal romances. You don’t want to miss it. Promise!

—“Well, you are an impressively proportioned individual, aren’t you?” -Niamh to Kiyo—

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