Oh Fudge! by Erin Nicholas

Published: November 24, 2020

So this book was a really quick read because it is actually a prequel novella for the next Boys of the Bayou book. This was a great combination of the Hot Cakes series and the Boys of the Bayou series. I love that Tori knows someone from the Hot Cakes “world” which then combines the other series. It’s perfect! Anyway, I also really wanted to know why Mitch wouldn’t get his HEA but he will he is just taking his sweet Cajun time and has to have a book and a half to do it. Paige doesn’t want a relationship at least not right now but people keep proposing to her so when Mitch comes back with Tori and Josh after they met in July she was excited to have the dirty talking southerner back. Only her plans are foiled when he shows up early and her family grows suspicious. Now, I have read a lot of small town romances but honestly, Paige’s family kind of takes it to a new level. Each one stopping by to borrow something or another. Or to fix something but they are actually trying to find her hiding a man. They aren’t subtle about it either. I also thought it was crazy that she has been proposed to so much and was actually going to go through it once. Which I guess makes sense since it’s such a small town.

Anyway, I don’t know that I can write much more about this book because it was so short. I cannot wait for the next Boys of the Bayou book though because I want to see how their relationship really shapes up. I also love the crazy bayou boys and their family. So many good laughs. Don’t miss out on this book though. It is a very enjoyable quick read.

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