From Our First by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: December 8, 2020

This was the epitome of a second chance romance. It was such a fast paced read and a true page turner. Generally, I love contemporary romances but they tend to start rather slowly for me which makes them not a true page turner. This is the last book in the series and Myra and Nate have finally gotten to a point where they can talk about their past. It is a painful past but they have been thrust together by their friends and family and they need to deal with it. Only the past isn’t as they both think it is and once they decided that they can be friends they start to get over all of the hurt. It was interesting to learn how horrible Myra’s family was and it was so heart wrenching when she found out about her grandmother. Nate was also just so sweet. He found out he was in the wrong and he did everything in his power to make Myra at least trust him again if not love him.

The road back to each other was bumpy and had some twists to it that did make me wonder if they were going to truly end up together even that was the whole point of the book. Because of that it was a better read than many of the other contemporary romances that I have had the pleasure to read lately. I am really looking forward to the next books from Carrie Ann Ryan. They just keep getting better!

—“We’ll make sure you get all the funnel cake and horrible junk food you could ever want. But you’re not allowed to puke.” -Myra to Joshua—

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