Steele by Sawyer Bennett

Published: December 8, 2020

December 8th was a day for second chance romance releases. This book was so good and I really liked that the characters were older than the average ones because Jim was a senior player in the league so he was in his thirties rather than his twenties like the rest of the players we have seen in the series. In this novel, Jim is trying to win back his wife Ella. She kicked him out of their home and he realized that he couldn’t just let that be. He needed to fight for the woman that he still loved and he needed to make sure that she knew he was in it to win it. However, that definitely took some introspection on his part because he needed to figure out where he went wrong and what he could do to prove that he wouldn’t do that again. I really enjoyed that part of his character development. He realized that Ella’s feelings were valid and he needed to make some changes or else he would never get his family back. Such as he needs to prioritize his family over hockey and so when he hurts Ella for the final time he told her to tell him what she wants him to do. Quit hockey or stay? Because it would be up to her.

I honestly really loved that this book wasn’t a couple who couldn’t stand to be around each other or who never saw a way for them to get back together. They were always kind to each other and when Jim decided that he was going to get his wife back he did everything he could to make her realize she was his priority. And Ella really did want her husband back but knew for herself that he had to change for the better or they were going to go back right where they started. And that wasn’t healthy for her or their daughter. Overall, you need to read this book no matter if you’ve read any of the series this one really does read as a stand-alone.

—“I’m hoping your heart can forgive and learn to trust in me again, no matter how long it takes.” -Jim—

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