Not Your Average Vixen by Krista Sandor

Published: December 9, 2020

This book was so freaking cute. How good this book was was actually fairly unexpected to me because I didn’t really know much about it. I just knew that I would sign up to read it since Krista Sandor has not steered me wrong so far and boy was I correct in that assumption. This book is lovely Christmas story about an older sister’s desire to make her little sister’s wedding absolutely perfect right down to making sure that the best man doesn’t screw everything up. The only problem with this plan is Bridget’s undeniable attraction to said best man. But like any good big sister she soldiers on so that the only family she has left will have a day to remember. Soren, however, does not want to see his best friend rush into marriage. He is afraid he’ll lose the only family he has ever known and because of that he will do everything in his power to stop the wedding. Only he doesn’t expect his attraction to the uptight sister of the bride/maid of honor. When she won’t let him out of her sight he knows that resisting her is going to be a losing battle. Especially with her feisty attitude. The whole thing might just prove disastrous for both of them.

I loved the witty banter between both of the protagonists. I also loved their weird nicknames. Like honestly the fact that everyone was calling them by their nicknames and not their real names (even people they didn’t really know) was kind of strange to me. But it was a small town in Colorado so small towns do that. Not only did I find this book funny but it was very steamy as well since the two main characters really couldn’t help but be attracted to each other. It was the playboy and the baker and they couldn’t have been cuter. I have been reading more Christmas themed books this year and if you only read one I hope that this one is it. I loved it.

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