Secret Nights with a Cowboy by Caitlin Crews

Published: December 1, 2020

I start many of my posts off by tell my readers that a book was a quick or fast read. Whether that was because it sucked me in or it was just a short novella to make it so quick. But I rarely say when the book was a slow read so I will be saying that now. Though this book was very good it was a slow read for me. It didn’t grip me and not let go which made it hard to keep my attention on it. Which I found unfortunate since when the Cold River Ranch trilogy ended I did state that I wanted either a continued series or a spin off for the Kittredge boys and this was the first one! Only I struggled to read it and have it hold my attention. I wanted to state that because though it might have been my state of mind during my reading it could also have been the book. The main characters were really good but they refused to grow until like 3/4 through the book which kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Rae had finally decided that she needed to let Riley go and move on with her life. A life that included being her own person in her family and trying to find someone to start a family with. The problem is that she is still married to Riley though no one knows that. Riley is also done with the status quo. Only he likes to pretend that he is martyr in all of this. Honestly, I didn’t see that because he was kind of an asshole to Rae as well.

Though this book ended up being really good everyone was kind of an asshole to Rae and I didn’t think that was fair. No one was mean to Riley and he deserved just as much of the blame for their relationship. It, of course, had an HEA in the end but it took a lot of drama to get there. On an aside from this storyline, the book also comes with a novella at the back that is Connor’s story. Riley’s story takes place at Thanksgiving and Connor’s takes place at Christmas. It was also a second chance romance and it was really cute. Only the Kittredge boys keep shooting themselves in the foot before everything in said and done because they make assumptions that shouldn’t be made. Overall, I would recommend this book to a reader. It was a good cowboy romance that had a satisfying HEA.

—“I never miss an opportunity to watch folks treat you like you’re dumb. It feeds my soul.” -Riley to Jensen—-

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