Everspell by Donna Grant

Published: December 21, 2020

Loved this book! It is the last book in the Kindred series and the only thing that kept me sane was knowing that there will be a spin off series in the future. Because I NEED to know what happened to Malene. And that right there is the only spoiler that I will tell you in this. I loved Runa and thought she was just a fantastic character. Brom was also really good and I think had more layers than the book really got in to. The two of them had a super quick romance but they knew instantly that they were soulmates which was super cute. I enjoyed that they had such a strong connection because it connected both parts of the book when they went their separate ways. Which I was totally against but worked well in the end.

Since this is the last book of Kindred series you should know that the battle against good and evil commences with Sybbl going up against Malene of the Varroki. Now that was a battle scene and honestly Donna Grant writes them so freaking well. I really enjoy all of the battles that she writes because they are done with a lot of action but also focus on the main characters of the book. You will need to read the book to see who won but honestly it wasn’t the ending I was expecting and I need the spin-off series now! Too bad it won’t hit shelves until 2022. That’s such a long wait I’ll probably be over the ending by then so I can start fresh. I hope you all enjoy this one.

—“She wanted to believe that good would triumph over evil, but evil had managed to win too many times before. It couldn’t this time. The stakes were too high.” -Malene—

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