Inferno by Donna Grant

Published: August 25, 2020

This was the book that readers of the Dark Kings (aka Dragon Kings) series have been waiting for. This is the King of Dragon Kings Con’s book. Not only is it Con’s book but it is Rhi’s book as well. Now I wasn’t on team Con and Rhi but I wasn’t totally against it either. I love them both individually and I really wish that Con had realized he couldn’t live without her anymore. With some hard pushing from Ulrik, Con decides that he should go after Rhi and finally make her realize that he cannot live without her any longer. To do this he leaves Dreagan for the first long stretch in centuries to stand by Rhi’s side while she assumes the mantle of Queen of the Light. Though Rhi never wanted to be Queen of the Light she knows that someone needs to step in before chaos reigns and she will not let Useail just assume her throne again.

Not only was this book filled with the amazing back and forth between Con and Rhi but there were also the secrets that Erith held that were set to change the course of their lives. And OH MY GOD! These were seriously awesome and set the tone for the spin off series. And since I can’t hold it in here it is **SPOILER**
the dragons are alive and Con and Rhi had twins! Rhi was pregnant when Con left her though neither of them knew it. How they had kids and didn’t know it I won’t give away but oh my god it was a bomb that has set up for the next series so freaking well. AND THE DRAGONS! It’s going to be awesome!

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