Desolation Road by Christine Feehan

Published: July 7, 2020

So here it is. I am finally getting to writing this review even though the next book will be coming out in the next month or so. I didn’t like this one as much as I have the others in this series but I did enjoy it more than the third one. This book was much darker than the other ones thus far which is saying a lot since this series hasn’t exactly been sunshine and rainbows. This book deals with a fetish I was unware of (though that isn’t surprising) and honestly wasn’t so sure about. This one deals with kitty play which if you’re into that great but it was a bit strange for me to read about since I thought it was kind of demeaning. Obviously, this was forced on Absinthe through the terrible “school” but the fact that he had to have it was a bit more interesting. Absinthe seemed to be the most adjusted of the group but alas he was not. He tried to suppress his needs so that he wouldn’t scare away his little librarian but she wasn’t all that she seemed either. Scarlet wanted revenge for her sister and her parents and in order to do that she was trained by the best including a man from a similar school. This leads to danger for both the Torpedo Ink club and Scarlet.

This book definitely took me on an interesting journey. Scarlet was a total badass who posed as a librarian because it brought her peace. She fell for Absinthe quickly and it was the same way for him. Only she didn’t know what she was getting into with the Torpedo Ink but she did want to please Absinthe no matter what. I thought that was a great part of the book. They both wanted what was best for each other and in doing that Absinthe tried to get rid of her in order to save her. That was the true romance in this book. My final thought for my readers is that this book is a hard read. Like all of the Torpedo Ink books the characters are damaged beyond repair and the things that they did and lived through will turn your stomach. So this is a trigger warning. Parts of this book are super rough to read and others aren’t so much. Just know what you’re getting into with this.

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