Our Thing by Nicci Harris

Published: November 25, 2020

This was my first book by Nicci Harris. I received an ARC of it from one of my other authors for this book and I really enjoyed it. Though I think I would have enjoyed it more if it would have had a dual point of view in some parts of the book at least. I wanted to know what Max was thinking about his little ballerina as she tried to navigate this world that she found herself in. Cassidy was the epitome of the girl next door. She was cute, innocent, and a semi-famous ballerina. When her sister started hanging out with Max Butcher and his crew she was indescribably drawn to the baddest of them all. Cassidy soon learns that she will need to leave her need to know what Max does all the time at the door and trust him to give her what she needs. Only she is still fairly insecure in the relationship. She doesn’t know why he would be with her when he could be with literally anyone he wants to and that is the truth.

The book took some dips and twist with the relationship between the protagonists. I will say that the ending had me yelling at the book and it took the author who gave me the book letting me know that there was another one coming to calm me down. Because it ends so freaking abruptly and I didn’t know there would be another one that focused on these two. But there is so I’m good with the ending. Finally, the gay friend in this book is amazing! He was absolutely hilarious and kept the heavy parts of the storyline light. I can’t wait for the next book!

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