Rage for Her by Miranda Grant

Published: September 25, 2020

This book was action packed from beginning to end but you should really expect that when the male hero in this is a berserker. Then again all of the characters pretty much deserve action packed books. So this one starts along the same timeline as the previous book when Jack was looking for Charlie and attacked everyone. Well while that was going on Tegan was dealing with his ward Pheobe wanting to marry another man. When she is his lifemate though she doesn’t know that. All Pheobe wants is to be free from her gilded cage until she comes under attack in her own home. They know that the only place safe for her is with Tegan even though he is currently placed in a hell realm. We see Hades trying to get his daughter back from Sebastian in this book and we see more of Sebastian’s sadism. Not only that but Pheobe is captured and sent a punishment worse than death. However, it is all a part of Sebastian’s grand twisted plan to bring back the next worse evil. Rakian who is intensely evil.

I cannot wait for the next book and it’s gonna kill me a little bit that the author is going to focus on the demons and not on the characters that we have been focusing. Like honestly, Elizabeth has been through so much and now her mate is Rakian only Sebastian doesn’t know that I foresee an epic battle for her in the future. Hades wants his daughter back and he has made sure that Tegan is responsible for getting her back. Only that will be seen towards the end of the series I’m sure. I wanted this book to continue so much. I really think that it was awesome and that everyone should read it. Again, this author brings a fresh perspective in the paranormal romance realm and when dealing with the deities that we know. Finally, whoever says that archangels are the good good guys really needs to read more. Because in none of my paranormals are archangels good. They simply exist to keep the balance. Don’t miss out on your next great read!

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