Treoir Dragon Chronicles: Book 4 by Dianna Love

Published: January 5, 2021

I really enjoyed this book too. They just keep getting better which is awesome since the storyline is getting more excited. Again, this book starts right where the last one left off with the capture of Daegan by mysterious human forces. After being attacked by the satyrs to get the part of the grimoire back he doesn’t have any power left to escape the humans and because of that he might die due to the satyr spit that is growing up his body and is on its way to strangling him. Though it’s not in his nature to give up he doesn’t know how he will get out of his current predicament without the use of his powers. And Casidhe was still on a cliff in Spain waiting for him to show up. That was unacceptable and he had to get to her. So he made a deal with a being that he doesn’t fully trust in order to get out of his cell. Little did he know that the Beladors were already all over it. But can he get to Casidhe before anything happens to her is the question that he keeps asking himself. As the book progresses Daegan gets pulled into more directions than is possible and damn it does make for a good storyline.

We got to see Tzader a bit more in this book than we have in previous books and I’m so ready for Brina to have her babies because she has been pregnant forever. At least for a lot of books. I’m also curious what Lanna’s role is going to be and how Reese is going to handle Quinn and their child. These are questions that I hope will be answered in the next 5 books of this series. I’m also really feeling the pressure for Daegan. No matter what he does he is letting someone down and he can’t seem to fight off the Imortik venom. I’m waiting for him to ask his mother for help with the venom. I honestly think we will see her before the end of this series. Or at least find out who she is since that is the big mystery. Finally, I was so mad at Casidhe in this one. Like we didn’t see her much but jeezus WHO believes what their kidnapper tells them? GOOD LORD! She is one messed up girl. If I were to put my faith in anyone it would be Daegan who has been upfront with her. Where as Herrick hadn’t been remotely forthcoming with information even though he raised her and certainly Queen Maeve doesn’t know how to be honest. This book also ended on an intense cliffhanger. I think I know what Daegan is going to do but who knows. I’ll have to wait until next month for it. I hope you are reading this series and continue on this journey with me.

—-“Let’s say, for argument sake, your people did see a dragon. Why didn’t they shoot it down? They had artillery.” -Tzader—

Stupid humans will never kill us -Ruadh—

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