Dragon Revealed by Donna Grant

Published: January 12, 2021

It’s here! The first book in the spin-off of the Dark Kings series. This is the first official Dragon Kings book and it was so good. Varek is captured at the end of Whiskey and Wishes and he is taken to a new world where people fear dragons so the knows that he must be in the realm that their dragons were sent to. He desperately wants to escape from his prison to see his dragons but he is also inexplicably attracted to the woman who captured him. As Jeyra tries to answer the questions that Varek is asking she is putting herself into continuous danger though she doesn’t realize it until she is threatened. It is at that point that Varek knows that he needs to get both of them out of the city but they must rely on their skills and wits to get out since his magic is suppressed within the walls of the city.

As a long time fan of the Dragon Kings, this book gives us a bunch of new information that is setting up for an explosive new (continuation) series. We actually get to SEE dragons in this one and Varek talks to them for the first time in several millennia. We also get to meet Con and Rhi’s son for the first time and their daughter at the end of the book. They want to meet their parents but there are greater worries that are preventing them. I think the main one being that Con’s son is set to take the role of King of Dragon Kings and he doesn’t want to kill his father. Only time will tell on that front but it would be a shame that now that he is finally together with Rhi that he would die because he wanted to meet his children. There is also a new mystery in this book and potentially a new enemy that could be coming after the Kings and dragons alike. Finally, I want to know how there is a pink dragon still alive. Like we thought they were all extinct. I’m really looking forward to seeing how Donna continues this series. I think it’s going to be just as amazing as the one before it.

—“I have an allergy to anything political.” -Jeyra—

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