Gimme S’more by Erin Nicholas

Published: January 19, 2021

This book was so cute but I was expecting more from it. Like I kind of expected more of a struggle between Piper and Oliver since Ollie was so oblivious to Piper’s feelings. I was also expecting an office romance and did not get that. So this just tells me I shouldn’t go into books expecting anything. Though these expectations weren’t met the book was really cute and it was such a quick read. I loved how Piper finally told Ollie how she felt and laid it all out for him. Ollie then needed to figure out how to survive without her or take their relationship to something new and unknown. Those are not things he likes. This book also took a turn for the guys in that it really came full circle with their businesses. I can’t say much more about that.

The two things I wish were different was the cover and the ending. I really wish that the model for the cover of the book would have really showcased the unique style that Piper had. I like the cover models to look like the characters which I think most people want but it definitely missed the mark on this one. What I didn’t like about the ending was how abrupt it is. I really could have used more of the epilogue than we got. I wanted to know how the company evolved and changed!! But maybe we’ll get a glimpse of that in the next Boys of the Bayou book. This was a cute book that you should pick up!

—“No.” Jane leaned over and covered Josie’s ears. “Close your eyes. Don’t fall for it. She knows you’re the weak link.” -Jane—

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