Dark Skye by Kresley Cole

Published: August 5, 2014

I would say that this is one of my favorite books that isn’t a werewolf book. Like I love the enemies to lovers vibe that is in this paranormal romance. Thronos just wants to pay back Melanthe for all of the hurt she has caused him throughout the years but what he doesn’t realized is that the both still has feelings for her and that hurt was because she was running for her life from his kind. Talk about a mind fuck for him. Since this book starts on the Order’s island we see several scenes from Melanthe’s point of view that we saw in Carrow’s book. Lanthe is convinced that Thronos wants to kill her but he really just wants his mate and thinks that could never happen. The adventure that the two of them find themselves on is quite extraordinary and through it all they are learning more about each other. They hadn’t really talked since they were young children and because of that Thronos thought he knew everything about Lanthe and how evil she was. Boy, was he wrong and got a serious wake-up call in this book.

I loved how tough Lanthe was and how she would take no prisoners and make no apologies with Thronos even though he had essentially taken her prisoner. She was able to convince him to take a harder look at their interactions over the years and really see her. See her fear of him and his kind. The journey of discovery for the two of them was incredible and eventually the love and support that they gave each other really rounded out the story. Of course that wasn’t the end of the story because not everything could just be butterflies and rainbows. But I’m not going to say what happened. Just that the end of this book secured my love for Lanthe and Thronos and I really hope we get to see them in another book. Whenever that my be. I am continuing my re-read of this series but at a slower pace since I only have a book and a half left. The half book is the novella. So keep an eye out for my next review of this series which will be Sweet Ruin.

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