Captured in Ink by Carrie Ann Ryan

Published: January 26, 2021

This book was such a good novella though I will state right up front that I did not like the ending of it. I thought it was a bit to abrupt and could have had at least a few more pages to it to show that the relationship really was going to be alright. I was invested and needed more! Anyway, I love that Carrie Ann takes on “taboo” subjects like triads and I liked that this one was done a bit differently than other books I’ve read. The main couple was Ronin and Julia and they had already been married for a few years before this book happened. Both of them knew that a third partner to their relationship might happen but neither of them went looking for that person until Ronin’s ex-lover Kincaid shows up on their doorstep to apologize how he left things. When he left Ronin was convinced that he was the reason their triad didn’t work but in reality it was that the third person wasn’t as all in as Ronin and Kincaid. Needless to say, the meeting was awkward but I really liked how Julia just kind of took over the situation to help both of them.

Though this was a novella, I felt that the relationship between the three of them wasn’t rushed and still worked out really well. Though both Kincaid and Julia’s parents were kind of the “villains” in this book we only got glimpses of those relationships and they set the tone for the events that followed but weren’t a dark cloud over the storyline. All in all (besides the ending) I really enjoyed this book and am kind of sad to be moving on from Boulder since I read the Boulder spin-off series as well. However, I didn’t read the first four books of the Boulder Montgomery’s so I know that I’ll have to get on that. Yes, I own them all and haven’t read them yet. That shouldn’t surprise anyone who is also a book lover. Finally, remember that this book is only available on Amazon for the first 90 days so if you don’t have a kindle then download the app because you don’t want to miss this one!

—-“Because you’re not allowed to brood and push me away when you get angry” / “Then you’re not allowed to tell me to shut up so you can wallow” -Julia and Ronin—

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