Heart of Gold by Donna Grant

Published: February 1, 2021

This book was so good. I really enjoyed it and how we got another glimpse into Rhi and Con’s relationship throughout the years. This one we really get to see the years from when they started working together starting with the Warriors books and into the Dark Kings series. I loved that we got to see into the red journals that Con had been writing for eons. We knew that they were about Rhi but the fact that he burned most of them meant that we didn’t necessarily know what about Rhi he wrote. And his passages were so heartbreaking! Honestly, who knew how romantic Con was? At the beginning of the series you couldn’t have convinced me that Con and Rhi were fated mates but no I’m all about it. Furthermore, I loved that Rhi decided to do something special and fun for Con. She wanted to show him that he means as much to her and she does to him. The scavenger hunt was so cute and absolutely perfect. I can’t write more about the book because it only took about an hour to read it was so short. Just know that it was a great Valentine’s Day read and an awesome glimpse into their past.

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